Shower Technology

Persuasive technology for the shower!

It’s well designed and well thought out, but loses some points for implementation.  Showers have a pretty big impact, consuming thousands of gallons of hot water a year, cutting back on shower consumption isn’t that painful and has a large longitudinal effect.

+ The Water Pebble gradually changes your behavior, which is known to be a highly effective strategy over the long term.  Slowly cutting back on shower time may be easier than going directly to the rapid shower, although from the literature it’s unclear if there’s a point where it stops.  Only the super-powered can cut their shower back from two minutes to two seconds!

– The water pebble is still an electronic device.  A purely mechanical timer would be good, as it won’t end up as e-waste someday.  Or there’s always the Navy Shower protocol (which I think is brilliant and not that hard to jump straight to, at least for me).

++ Anyone want to help with the Navy Shower PSA persuasive video?



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