Smartphone Ubicomp Device

The reinvented Smartphone Ubicomp Device is intended to last six years, rather than the current design standard of two, and avoids the use of plastics and toxic materials where possible.  As an element of a technical nutrients cycle, as much as possible is recyclable material—currently it is not possible to achieve 100% reclamation of materials, especially of plastics and small amounts of exotic materials.


Impacts quantified by sustainable minds for the i910 and the concept device:



    Individual Impact (%) Category Impact (%)
Ecological Damage Acidification 0.01  
  Ecotoxicity 49.89  
  Global Warming 0.21 50.15
  Ozone Depletion 0  
  Water Eutrophication 0.04  
Resource Depletion Fossil Fuel 0.01 0.01
Human Respiratory 0.02  
Human Health Damage Human Carcinogens 30.11 49.84
  Human Toxicity 19.7  
  Smog 0.01  

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