Time Travel Radio, Mk. II


it travels through time and space!  With the selection switch, you can set the radio to move through space, which plays tracks from the time tuned to, in the appropriate category (for example, a 1940 FDR speech, the a 1940 speech by Winston Churchill, etc.)  To move through time, the radio will follow an event, such as the space race, playing Sputnik’s earnest beeps, then the announcement of Yuri Gagarin’s triumphant flight, then John Glenn’s rocket ride, then the Apollo 11 landing …

Dividing up into these two categories should be an interesting way to explore history—I see history as following stories, each of which fits into a coherent whole.  As the tuning dial is servo controlled, it can move through time as a track is followed, giving a visual indication of progression through time.  In “travel through space” mode, the dial will stay fixed, but the tuning indicator may move radially, to indicate which track it is on, if moving across different themes, as selected on the rotary selector switch.

for the dial, I rather like the multicolored Zenith dial pictured below, although I think that I will stay with the rotating dial with fixed pointer as was employed in Mk. I


each colored track will indicate a historical progression, and I’m thinking about having a floating tuning indicator (perhaps an LED or three behind the disc?)  I could use a dummy CD (the non-aluminum coated one from the bottom of the stack in shipment), with the translucent printed overlay.  I’ll have to build this when I get back to school Monday.



for conceptual inspiration:


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