Mobile video antismoking advertisement

It’s funny and kind of interesting, clearly designed to go viral, but it hasn’t quite done it yet.
cough n rap:
It’s a pretty clever implementation of technology-going low resolution to play well on a mobile device, and psychologically it’s pretty good because it is entertaining, short, and to the point.  Even better, it’s the right medium for the market: indigenous youth will have access to mobile devices more frequently than real computers, and I can use this for the mobile antismoking campaign I’m developing.
At 1.5 minutes and playable on a smartphone, it’s a great distractor for use in my paradigm of instant distractions to help smokers quit.  And the messages are congruent with the overall message of the campaign, i.e. smoking is detrimental to your health. 
the other video from the article:
Update: it’s really going viral, shared by bluetooth and wireless, just as designed.  even though the hit count is small, the audience is pretty small too (small towns with inhabitants in the hundreds.

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