(not) good enough

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a stab at explaining the move away from quality, and I agree with their thesis.  And this shift isn’t all bad, in the sense of moving from quality to accessibility.  My D80 is hefty and super flexible.  But it’s hefty and therefore not always in my pocket, like my pocket size Canon SD800 (which is pretty good on the quality front, I must say).  Unfortunately the camera in my cell phone (Samsung Omnia) isn’t quite good enough for me, even though it totally blows away the Iphone’s camera in both flexibility and quality – it has a flash!! [among other useful features]).
 from the Omnia Cam.  Should be more Kodak yellow and dark wood brown!
The thing I don’t like is the shift from quality to quantity.  I want to fix the late 70s vintage Hitatchi tuner under my bed.  If that fails, it goes to pieces for ITP PhysComp projects.  I don’t have a problem with accessibility (it is pretty understandable how to work the thing, and you really have to be lazy to really bemoan the lack of a remote control).  But tinny sound?  unacceptable!
they neglect to mention Ikea’s rather poor environmental record, which was trumpeted to the world recently in The Atlantic: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200907/ideas-ikea. Come on Ikea, your stuff is decent and designer-y enough to move forward from the insipid colonial american look, but please move forward on the environmental front!  You’re big, you have good brand equity, and can do an enormous amount to shape customers buying behavior and reduce the environmental impact of your products.
And the switch to Verdana is a poor choice.  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/05/arts/design/05ikea.html  I don’t have a problem with Verdana by itself (I use it) but Futura is (A) iconic and (B) part of your brand identity.  Don’t mess with that.  It’s bad business, and annoys customers and design people.

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