A day in the life

first, for the appropriate background music:


The average day has more electronic gadgetry in it than I can count.  Switches to flip, buttons to push, signs to watch, and enough cameras here in New York to keep Big Brother entertained.  How did we get here?

IMG_0404get up,  get up put the body in motion!

IMG_0390Cavitating toothbrush, brilliant!

IMG_0405 the switch for the light in the fridge, and the potentiometer to set the temperature.

IMG_0403 the powertap headunit: wireless telemetry from the heart-rate strap, cadence sensor and hub transmitter (torque*revs=power)

 IMG_0377 I need a fix, cause I’m goin’ down

IMG_0397In the elevator there are sensors so the door doesn’t close on your arm or foot.

IMG_0378 I have the feeling I’m being watched.  But who watches the watchmen?

IMG_0392 Stop, hey, watch that sign!

IMG_0376 Small, unmarked bills please.
note: softkeys on the screen, ‘hard’ keys on the number pad.  plus the card reader, and bill counter.  An audio plug for the vision impaired is available too.  Fancier ATMs can even scan checks for drop deposits (one of those wasn’t handy).  You would think Diebold would be trustworthy enough to make decent voting machines.

IMG_0380the subway turnstile has a solenoid in it to let you through when the card is swiped or the proximity sensor is tapped.

IMG_0394 Behind this panel, there’s a set of switches which tell the train operator whether the doors are open or closed.  very important!  falling out of a moving subway would ruin my day.

IMG_0395 manual override switch for the subway door.  Uses an old-timey looking key.


IMG_0398 there’s plenty of switchgear, transformers, generators, and computer control systems in the powerplant

IMG_0399with the cell phone antennas, there’s some switchgear as well.

IMG_0381electronic toilet flush sensor.  how come they always flush when you don’t want them to, and then don’t flush when you do want them to?

 IMG_0383tamper-resistant switch.  it wouldn’t be very nice to switch off the lights in the public restroom on everyone, now would it

IMG_0402 Lights on for safety!

list the song references (band/song) and win a prize!!


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