run through the jungle

Devbah Island is a Jungle Lodge (indian national park service) resort on the arabian sea.  the water there is very warm and the beach is quite nice.  you reach the island by a boat rather reminiscent of the Jungle cruise at Disneyland.  The cabins are fair and the food (included in the price of the stay) is actually pretty good.  they have a bonfire and cookout every night and it’s kind of fun to be out on the beach when the lights go out and all you have is the bonfire and the lights of the towns across the Kali river to look at.
The nature hike was just me and dad plus the guide which made for a private tour.  the flora and fauna here is amazing, and our khaki clad guide took us for an E-ticket tour through the jungle.
a jungle onion, and a rather forlorn houseboat in the background.  It looks like something out of Heart of Darkness!
A ‘touch-me-not’ – this flower’s leaves fold when the leaves are touched, and then open in about an hour.  I’m not sure why they would do that, but it’s fun to lightly brush the leaves and see them fold in slow motion.
These ants make nests of leaves and some sort of excretion.  the nests hang in the trees away from preadtors, and close to their food supply.  I’m not sure if this is the same type of ant that stung my foot, but it it is, they pack a sting that has some deterrent power! Fortunately it hutst for only a few minutes and didn’t leave a welt, unlike the mosquitoes…
The crabs which live in the sand and mud are quit interesting, and really run fast, sideways.  they have their eyes on stalks, giving them a slightly better view and a little more defense against attacking birds.  they dive into holes in the sand as quick as they can scuttle into one, zoop!
The jungle along the Kali river is a yellow-green, lush, and full of life.
in Kali we went to another jungle lodge, this one with a jeep tour through a wildlife preserve. 
The preserve is over 400km^2, with only a small portion open to the public.  The guides said there were 15 tigers and about 30 other big cats in the open part, but of course they stay away from the road.  We didn’t get to see much, but at least we didn’t get stuck in the mud during the rain.  the other jeep did, and we had to wait about 30 minutes for them to unstick themselves and get out of the jungle.
DSC_0200 DSC_0199
Black faced monkey.  they move pretty fast–too fast for the rather low shutter speed I was forced to use due to lighting. (1/200th, f6.3)
Jungle Peackock
Giant Squirrel
I look like an erstwhile agent of the Empire in this shirt, for better or worse.  It was on sale, and supposedly repels insects.  I think it might actually work, considering only my legs and feet got bitten up by the mosquitoes.  the 100% ambient humidity (it began to pour about 5 minutes after this photo was taken) caused my hair to stick up lik Bill Clinton… I need a haircut!

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