Passage to India

BuffaloàChicagoàLondonàBangalore.  It’s going to be a long trip.

Once in India, we’ll be with Subbu, an enterprising man who owns a software company, who we met in the Buffalo Airport a few years ago.  He and his family had planned to go to Niagara Falls, Canada, but didn’t have the right visas and being a nice guy, dad helped him out.  Now he’s returning the favor.

In Delhi, we’ll be with Shilpam and Chris.  Chris has been on sabbatical from UB in Australia all summer, and is now taking some family time in India, where Shilpam’s family is based.  He’s an interesting character, an expert in disaster management.  This should be very interesting.

My travel companion is the indomitable J.H. Miller: world traveler, armchair philosopher and all around good man.  Riding the coattails?  Of course.  Can’t pass up a miles ticket and 5 weeks in India, with some very interesting people and deluxe accommodations!  It’s not the traditional ‘roughing it’, but it’s been his dream to take me to India since I was born – and in one sense even before.  I have with me as well two cameras and quite a lot of memory, so hopefully I’ll get some good pictures to share.  Who knows, we may find the famous two-headed cow of India ’78 (dad’s most famous slide from his first trip to India).


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