Race Report: Westchester triathlon bike leg

So, I got off the redeye from last week’s disneyland work adventure, and received a message from Nikki: do you want to do the bike leg of the westchester triathlon.  Of course I want to do an ITT, after not having biked for a week and being kind of out of shape in general right now (compared with the global peak).
So I put together the PMTT setup (aerobars, tri saddle/seatpost, 303s, TT helmet, ex-Danny Timmerman fiordifrutta skinsuit), got up at 4AM and headed up to westchester.
My groggy assembly yesterday wasn’t so good and I realized I put the aerobars on under the STI shifter cables, which doesn’t work- so I had to reposition the aerobars on the fly this morning, and adjust the rear derailleur.  Good thing I’m a good mechanic!
Also, I found out the visor on the Laser TT helmet doesn’t come off.  so I had to wear the sunglasses under the visor, wich worked surprisingly well.
Our swimmer put us in good position, with a 25 minute split (olympic distance 1500m).  The fullfinger gloves were a little bit of an impediment to removing the championchip, but not a major problem.
The skinsuit and unventilated helmet were fine for the 60F temperatures, once I got warm i was pleasantly warm, but not sweating buckets as I was last time I wore the teardrop helmet (that was a problem, no wonder Swan sold it for cheap!)
I started the race cold, and my calves were cramping in the first few miles.  I swigged some Gu2O and concentrated on form until that went away.  Keeping the HR in the 170-180 range did well, and I was wise to have Topo’d the course before heading out there.  I pity the fool who was stuck with a 55/21 on a 10% grade.  my 39/25 was quite pleasant thank you.
Only two people (riding very expensive bikes with deep dish and disc wheels passed me, which made me quite pleased with the effort, and our team came in 5th (4th if you say that the first relay team should be DQ’d for illegal help, but it’s not worth getting worked up over the runner helping the biker take the chip off the swimmer)
All in all, I averaged over 20mi/hr for the 25 mile ride (close enough to 40k) and held up pretty well for a guy who hadn’t done any real exercise in a week. (using some broken nautilus machines and talking to the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile driver girl in the hotel gym notwithstanding).
Glenn should be proud – now if only I had power data.  Next investment: disc cover!

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