draft the bird

Jose’s Coronthica Cyclery logo features a time trialist drafting a bird.  That was me today, really.
In anticipation of Sunday’s time trial at Floyd Bennet Field, I busted out the aero equipment to make sure everything works right, leaving enough time to reglue the disc or fix anything that might break, and headed over to SUNY old Westbury.  It’s a 3 mile rolling loop, not great but it’ll do for a TT course.
The Poor Man’s Time Trial bike (PMTT bike) was in good form, with the clip on aerobars, tri saddle, and now Jose’s craigslist special Hed Disc – and hopefully an 808 will arrive tomorrow.  I figure this rig is almost as efficient as a real TT bike, for a total investment of $250 (the wheels are Jose’s).  But i’m still holding out for a Zipp 2001 or 3001 (small frame, small beam 700c please, although s/s/650c will do)
I also brought out the TT helmet that Swan had on sale for $20 (retail price $125).  I love that man…  MIT’s wind tunnnel says the helmet is the biggest chunk of time that can be shaved off with equipment, and I believe it.  and besides, TT helmet looks pretty cool.
Unfortunately, the lack of ventilation caused some trouble: sweat was pouring off my head and into my eyes, and I could barely see- and it’s hard to wipe your face when there’s a polycarbonate shield in front of your eyes.  The halo is necessary with the TT helmet. I now know why Glenn put that one on sale! – but it’s still good for me.
so, as I was riding some laps at good speed, a big bird (hawk?) swooped down and made like the Coronthica logo for a few seconds.  It was really impressive, i wish I could have gotten it on film for Jose – it would have made his day.
Hopefully the ultimate weapon 808 will arrive tomorrow so I can glue up the tubular by sunday, and hopefully the winds will be calm allowing for effective use of the disc and deep dish wheel.  getting blown into jamaica bay would be bad.

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