ready for bear

"Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part"–Glenn Swan
So, the preparation list for Bear Mountain:
Bike in race condition:
  • 303s on, with trainer skewer and zipp skewer
  • Derailleurs properly adjusted
  • lights off
  • headset and all clamps tight
  • chain lubricated
  • cleats lubricated
  • 11-28 cassette on, B-screw adjusted properly
  • brakes centered on the tracks
  • computer set for HR/spd/multi

fuel and fluids:

  • 2 bottles: 1 of Gu2O, 1 of perpetuem
  • extra bottle for feed zone
  • bag of bloks, open
  • clif bar, open
  • 2 packets of Gu


  • Hammer shorts w/ judicious amount of Assos chamois cream
  • jersey (B&B)
  • coded HRM strap
  • half-finger gloves
  • helmet
  • Halo sweatband
  • shades (red or ND lenses, as appropriate


  • trainer for warmup
  • extra fluids and fuel for before and after the race
  • civilian clothes
  • towel
  • pump
  • multi-tool and hex key set
  • fuelled car

mental preparation is the hard part.  I have the best equipment (arguable point, but bikes don’t get much lighter, and on this course the 303s are probably the best wheels (maybe 343 set would be slightly faster, considering the 11 miles of flat-ish terrain).  I have ok training, but not mega mileage or lots of hills.  the key in this race is to stay focused and stay in position, then use endurance to do something at the end.  the BBO group has some potential, so we’ll see what happens.


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