The Micro-Macro domino theory

A reductionist approach (as counterpoint to Greedy Reductionism)
the interactions between subatomic particles define the interactions of atoms, which define molecules, which define structures, which make up everything.  If you knew how the subatomic particles worked, you could step through the entire history of the universe, predicting with perfect certainty everything which would happen.  It would be incredibly complex, but that’s how I see the universe working.
On a macro scale, you can predict human behavior from personality (internal) traits and from situations.  so, taking a reductionist stance, you can figure out how people work, and then how to make them do what you want them to do, such as pay taxes to feed starving people on the other side of the globe, or take the train, or eat right and exercise, etc.  Fine call it manipulative, totalitarian, what you will.  But is it so bad, if the rules are what you want them to be (or need them to be)?

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