race report: prospect park

well, I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a month, lots has happened, but well, i didn’t say anything about it.
So, the weather was pretty good this time: 50F, overcast/fog.  And I brought all the stuff I needed, including the Speed Weaponry.  Suitably armed for the race, Jose and I showed up, paid, and rolled out.  This time I was much more strategic, and having done a bunch of riding with the Triangle crowd, my pack skills are back, and I did a much better job of staying in position.  The race rolled along pretty sedately until the last lap, where things started to happen.  I was in good position going to the hill, right behind the leaders. when the guy ahead of me made a run for it.  I followed, and of course the pack was right on us.  I started to die, and adam (the guy leading) died as well, and the pack flowed around us, trapping me in the middle.  Bad news!  boxed in, there wasn’t much I could do, and I was a bit too spent from the effort to really make a break for it anyway.  So I finished about 15th, being ahead of the crash near the finish.
Jose did a much better job, and was in perfect place for a sprint finish (and he has a big sprint), but was thwarted by misjudging the finish line–so 8th instead of 3rd or so.
After looping around the park, I made a motion to go back to the start/finish area, to take a look for the cute redhead from Comedy Central who was in the 4 race with us.  After a little grumbling, jose aquiesced, and we went back, where he started chatting with a friend, and I found my friend Adam, but no redhead 😦
Jose’s mood was brightened by winning $30, making the race free for him.
Next sunday is Bear Mountain, which is going to be a world of pain.

One thought on “race report: prospect park

  1. awesome, 15th place, not bad at all.  I guess the wheels do make a difference 🙂
    What’s the course like? hilly?  how many miles?

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