Race report: Prospect park cat4

Well, the race was off to an inauspicious start the night before.  I was over at Jose’s and we were talking about what to wear in the 29F morning chill: "base layer, thick shirt, giordana jacket, jersey on top, gore fleece tights… did I pack my gorefleece tights?  [checks bag] Crappola."
What could I do?  nothing of Jose’s would fit me, no one else in brooklyn was home or able to help, and going back to LI is a project.  Fortunately, I was able to reach fran (my aunt) who was at her parents house not far from home, and Ell and fran were so nice as to get my tights from the drawer, and meet me at Valley stream.  4 trains and three hours later, I was back at Jose’s, tights in hand.
The morning dawned clear and cold, and this time I was prepared for the weather, as opposed to last time.  The prerace was pretty much the hurry up plan–no time for warmup and barely enough time to take the all important prerace bathroom break.
The pack rolled out at fair speed, and I was in decent position for two laps, until I got pushed towards the back.  on the hill, which isn’t so steep or long as to cause major pain, I was maxing out my legs, at 250w.  that dreaded ‘i’m about to lose power’ aching feeling.  I was building up lactate, but shouldn’t have been.
Falling back in a race is death.  With 5 laps down (of 10), I fell off the pack by accordion effect, and was stuck in the wind.  There was no catching up.  I couldn’t push more than about 200w, which is pretty bad.  my cruise pace is about 180w indefinitely, and 200w for an hour+ on the trainer.  I wasn’t maxing out my cardiovascular system (of course the HRM was frozen and reading 0), but my legs just wouldn’t lay down more power.  I’m going to need some serious climbing work before bear mountain and Intercity!  I need to push about 250w sustainable.  That’s a big jump.  I didn’t break out the 303s, which are good for about 10w in aerodynamic advantage and in a climbing race are a substantial decrease in weight (1lb off the system), which translates to 1% faster.  1% is 1%–not enough to tip the scales here.  but every ounce counts.  And for today, the telemetry was worth it–this was practice.
Anyway, at the end of the race, Jose wasn’t looking so happy–he finished off the back, our plan to break off the front and time trial like crazies having failed becuase I was nowhere to be found, and we went back to the apartment for food.  What to do to make up for defeat and humiliation?  obviously ride more! 
we were feeling pretty warm, so I ditched the base layer, and jose traded to a thinner jacket, and out the door we went.  and after riding two blocks up 8th ave, turned around because of cold.  More clothing went back on and we tried again.  This time we made it all the wa to flatbush ave, and then called it in.
Me, being a glutton for punishment went out to run a lap or two of prospect (3.4mi laps)… and ended up doing about 12 miles.  Perhaps the triathlon/duathlon is the sport for me!

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