why do I ride

to start on the right foot, the best Nike commercial ever, withdrawn because it was too scary or something like that.
so, why do I ride my bike, run, swim like an anchor, and basically work to get and stay Rugged?
well, I actually enjoy it.  I kind of lost sight of that in the face of some reductio ad absurdum thinking, which I won’t get into now.
  1. there’s just something magical about riding a bike.  it just rolls along at speed like a magic carpet.
  2. I like the feeling of completing a challenge.  In a well timed race, like last week, I hit the finish line feeling like I’m going to keel over.  But when I see that i’m close to target, or better, ahead of target, 😀
  3. I like the people, for the most part.  Tony, my mother’s 85 year old training partner always has fun stories about his WWII bomber buddies, Jesse the drummer always has fun stores from the golden days of running, and sage advice, and the other two amigos, are, well, the other two amigos!
  4. I like that feeling of ruggedness.  when you know you’ve got the power to do what you want to do.  besides, legs like telephone poles and a six-pack just looks good.
  5. It provides a healthy outlet.  Better to spend my money on bike loot (and funding Swan’s real estate purchases and way more than hopeless biking habit) than drinking or drugs or anything else counterproductive.


And speaking of all this, I think it’s time to get ruggedified.


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