Race Report: snowflake 4mi

Thursday, I was talking to Nikki, and she told me about the race on saturday.  Race?  awesome.
After staying at peter and julie’s apartment, I picked up my race packet and number, and went out to the course.  A friendly volunteer told me where there was a convenient deli on 102nd and madison, and gave me a buck to buy him some breakfast, I hope that muffin was good!  I stretched out in the warm deli, and headed out to the course to get the party started.  As an illustration of how small the world is, I lined up next to Maryann Totino, a fellow member of the cornell class of 2004 (and a quite good runner turned triathlete).
The race was 4 miles on the usual central park course, which is a little long for what I’ve been doing as far as running lately.  My timing was good, running about 6:35 miles, which would run me out of energy just at the finish.  Getting close to mile three, I could see the black tower of dad’s alma mater, Mt. Sinai medical center, and locked on to a woman wearing an orange singlet (in running races, I always play the ‘man’ strategy), 15 seconds ahead.  I started closing the gap, but then my lungs started to close down on me.  Without a heart rate monitor, I couldn’t tell exactly what my output was, but obviously it was over 90% (185b/min).  My chest felt like it was stuck in a cereal box, unable to expand, I couldn’t get enough air in, and started to fall back, a few of the people I had passed earlier scraping by me as we approached the finish.
My time was a respectable 26:11.  I was shooting for 26:00, but between dropping my hat and having to grab it, and my asthma attack, 11s off target isn’t bad.  And I beat maryann (always have to be competitive, don’t I…)
I couldn’t find Nikki, but I’ll see her soon enough to hear her race report.
Epilogue: my groin hurts a little, going all out running isn’t so brilliant when you’ve been mostly riding at mid-output base training level (175w avg/2h, 150 b/min)

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