CWM Day 2

Day 2 of the CWM: Cocoa Beach to Ft. Pierce Florida

distance 80.36mi
highest elevation: 70ft above sea level (on a bridge)
highlight of the trip: a boat warehouse with a boat sticking out of the side, like the caddy of Hard Rock cafe fame.

Rolling out a little later than planned, our first challenge was to go over the rather busy bridge on highway 1.  Bill and Joanie blocked with the U-Haul and the ‘official CWM team car’ – Bill’s rented Chevy Malibu.  That task taken care of, we rolled down the coast.  (GPS map not available, due to lack of Internet connection).  and Jose lit off the boosters.  We cranked pretty hard- averaging over 20 mi/hr–up to 25 for a while at one point.  After lunch we moved a little more slowly, and about mile 65 I started do die.  Thanks to the raspberry Hammer Gel (provided by Illya) and a chocolate gu I made it through.

Tonight is new year’s eve.  it’s gonna be party time!


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