Sheila and I went to Ikea on sunday.  it was quite an experience.  The food was awesome, they had all kinds of cool stuff, and it was packed to the gills!
The Swedish Chef strikes again!
miniature ‘real’ things as toys.  who wouldn’t want to make a tiny pot of mac n cheese?
cool bowls
you spend 1/3 of your life asleep.  buy a good bed.
the Clown Car strikes again!  giant bookcase, chair, and clothes rack, and other sundry items packed in to the gills

rubbed the wrong way

Brendan was very nice and brought my bike to and from florida.  Upon getting it back, I noticed a shiny spot on my rear rim: a section must have rubbed against something for the entire trip north, and wore away a section of the aluminum rim.
Fortunately, I’ll be going to Ithaca to learn to build wheels soon, so it’s not all bad.
see bright spot on edge of brake track – it’s about 1mm deep at the most worn point

Mind the Gap

this seems to indicate we’re in bad shape (but not as bad as it could be) regarding income inequality.  http://www.slate.com/id/2178386  If inequality is part of our nature, then we’re into a whole new debate:  can we ‘nurture’ ourselves into being better humans, like in Sweden (4:1 income inequality)–and should we?  I spent last summer (and might spend next summer) building houses and trying to get people to understand that the US economic system isn’t really working for most people… but to no avail.  oh well, either we’ll sink or swim eventually.
to check out the international spread in development:  www.gapminder.org
it’s fun to play with.

CWM Day 2

Day 2 of the CWM: Cocoa Beach to Ft. Pierce Florida

distance 80.36mi
highest elevation: 70ft above sea level (on a bridge)
highlight of the trip: a boat warehouse with a boat sticking out of the side, like the caddy of Hard Rock cafe fame.

Rolling out a little later than planned, our first challenge was to go over the rather busy bridge on highway 1.  Bill and Joanie blocked with the U-Haul and the ‘official CWM team car’ – Bill’s rented Chevy Malibu.  That task taken care of, we rolled down the coast.  (GPS map not available, due to lack of Internet connection).  and Jose lit off the boosters.  We cranked pretty hard- averaging over 20 mi/hr–up to 25 for a while at one point.  After lunch we moved a little more slowly, and about mile 65 I started do die.  Thanks to the raspberry Hammer Gel (provided by Illya) and a chocolate gu I made it through.

Tonight is new year’s eve.  it’s gonna be party time!