Chris Webber Memorial Tour

The CWM tour has been a blast so far.  Joanie, Bill, and Nick came, and Nick is riding –and doing great for a guy with no cycling experience.  Set up with some SPDs and trained in the doorway, he’s been motoring along with no problems at all.
Yesterday (day 0) we stayed at this house owned by an organization in not the nicest neighborhood–major police activity a block away… during the day we trucked around orlando, finding 3 bike shops: one high-zoot (zipp, look, QR dealer), one mtb/urban, and one midrange everything big shop.  we made a good day of it with Alana and Nick.  Last night we had some little speeches about Chris, which was very moving.  I miss that guy.  Jose got in at 2:00 this morning, and we rolled out this morning after cleanup for 65 miles to cocoa beach
From where I am right now, I can see the VAB, third largest (volume) building in the world.  it’s where they assembled the saturn V’s and now they assemble the shuttles.  Today’s totals:
65mi of ground covered (including off-course excursion into the next county)  Jose and I were going for the horsepower challenge… he easily made it, I didn’t…
3 flat tires (one good cut, one blow-through of the sticky patch, one blow-through of the clif bar wrapper)
1 bee sting
the headwind really took it out of me after jose got away, so the average speed took a big dive.  i’m not used to 85 and humid!route 12-30

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