“I wrote the car off… I made a mistake”

–Steve McQueen, Le Mans.
(for a movie with little dialog, it has some choice lines)
so this saga started on October 10th, with the great rainstorm of 2007.  Kevin (my boss) had a consulting job for a guy in Oyster Bay–a quick 100 bucks, so I took care of it.  on the way back, it was raining pretty hard, and at a somewhat low spot, at the 
View Larger Map">intersection of 107 and Chicken Valley road, the road flooded.  stuck in a line of cars, there was nothing i could really do to avoid going through it.  the water was rising like in a movie!  midway through the flooded spot, the engine sucked water and stalled.  oh no.  fortunately the engine restarted and I was able to make it out of the water and nurse the car into a driveway up the road.  sitting there, the water continued to rise, and I thought I might have to abandon my position… for a while a girl who works at Safavieh kept me company, but when the waters began to recede, she left me.  Finally, I called kevin to rescue me, as AAA wasn’t going to be showing up anytime soon, and it was about 10PM by that time.  I spent the night at the GPs and the next day got the car flatbedded to Sonny’s.
The bad news: engine hydrolocked, crankshaft bent.  the worse news: Chubb wrote the car off.
The buyback was $125, so I bought the car as a ‘salvage’ and had sonny get a new engine, which only came to $5700… a bit more than the projection of 2500-3000.  oh well, chubb paid out 6500 for it to start with.
Because it was now a ‘salvage title’ I thoguht I had to go through the antitheft inspection process… which took forever to figure out due to the fact that the salvage dept in albany works Tues-Thurs… and all of the forms are insanely confusing.  After weeks of trying to figure out the system I finally got through to the appropriate person in albany: "you don’t need to pay $200, or wait a month-six weeks, or get the inspection, unless you want to"  YAY!  car!
so the 944 is back in action with a half-rebuilt engine from someone elses’ car.  And it only took 2 trips to the DMV, and 2 hours waiting to get a replacement front license plate to replace the one that fell off in the flood.

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