sorry Cmdr, Keen

When I saw the SMK force feedback touchscreen in early 2006, i hailed it as one of the best innovations of the year (along with loctite in a stick).  And LG put it into the Voyager… i.e. the iphone killer:
I haven’t had a chance to play with one, and you can’t say I’m unbiased because I’m not a pod-person, and am a verizon customer, but FORCE FEEDBACK TOUCHSCREEN! how cool is that!  and a real keyboard clinches the deal for me.
I’ll have to see how it does in the store before trading in the rather unimpressive but still powerful enough to get calls from the boss in the middle of the desert Motorola E815 when my contract is up.
Sorry Dan, you’ve been outdone.  But the Iphone is awesome, it was the first, it is still sleeker and sexier, it has wifi, and if you’re a pod person, it might be the thing to have.

2 thoughts on “sorry Cmdr, Keen

  1. I’ve got an enV now, with pretty much the same design as the Voyager, except for no touchscreen.  It’s got the flip open design and the full keyboard, though.  They didn’t have the Voyager when I replaced my phone in August, otherwise I would’ve considered it.

  2. the Iphone was the hit of the IDSA conference–everyone and their brother had them, and the’re so much sleeker than the blackberries.  If the iphone worked with windows media, and verizon, I would go for it.

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