Iranian intelligence assessment-Thomas L Friedman

And I think he’s pretty well on track there.  The US, which was in a near hedgmonious position in 1991 has blown it’s chance, and it doesn’t look like we’re going to change that anytime soon.  All of the major player politicians have the same plan, pandering to what they think voters want to hear: low taxes, business as usual.
But while Edison said "necessity is the mother of invention,"  I think it must have been someone wiser who coined the phrase "invention is the mother of necessity."
the government can, and has, profoundly influenced values and to a large extent made the voters vote the way they do.  Democracy has been short circuited–the electorate has been brainwashed, perpetuating the cycle.
I’m with Bowie here:  I’m afraid of americans.  (But Amadenajad shouldn’t be)

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