Chris Webber Memorial Tour

The CWM tour has been a blast so far.  Joanie, Bill, and Nick came, and Nick is riding –and doing great for a guy with no cycling experience.  Set up with some SPDs and trained in the doorway, he’s been motoring along with no problems at all.
Yesterday (day 0) we stayed at this house owned by an organization in not the nicest neighborhood–major police activity a block away… during the day we trucked around orlando, finding 3 bike shops: one high-zoot (zipp, look, QR dealer), one mtb/urban, and one midrange everything big shop.  we made a good day of it with Alana and Nick.  Last night we had some little speeches about Chris, which was very moving.  I miss that guy.  Jose got in at 2:00 this morning, and we rolled out this morning after cleanup for 65 miles to cocoa beach
From where I am right now, I can see the VAB, third largest (volume) building in the world.  it’s where they assembled the saturn V’s and now they assemble the shuttles.  Today’s totals:
65mi of ground covered (including off-course excursion into the next county)  Jose and I were going for the horsepower challenge… he easily made it, I didn’t…
3 flat tires (one good cut, one blow-through of the sticky patch, one blow-through of the clif bar wrapper)
1 bee sting
the headwind really took it out of me after jose got away, so the average speed took a big dive.  i’m not used to 85 and humid!route 12-30

ABC News/ Facebook Poll

What role should the personal faith of a President play in his/her decision-making?
  • A.  It should play a strong role
  • B.  it should not play any role
  • C.  It should play a balanced role with other considerations
  • D.  Not Sure

The United States exists in the real world, influences and is influenced by real world events, and should be concerned with what happens here.  As such, the president should make decisions on the basis of facts, rather than on faith.

Faith is belief in the absence of evidence, or in the presence of countervailing evidence.  Faith should not be the basis for policy.

“I wrote the car off… I made a mistake”

–Steve McQueen, Le Mans.
(for a movie with little dialog, it has some choice lines)
so this saga started on October 10th, with the great rainstorm of 2007.  Kevin (my boss) had a consulting job for a guy in Oyster Bay–a quick 100 bucks, so I took care of it.  on the way back, it was raining pretty hard, and at a somewhat low spot, at the 
View Larger Map">intersection of 107 and Chicken Valley road, the road flooded.  stuck in a line of cars, there was nothing i could really do to avoid going through it.  the water was rising like in a movie!  midway through the flooded spot, the engine sucked water and stalled.  oh no.  fortunately the engine restarted and I was able to make it out of the water and nurse the car into a driveway up the road.  sitting there, the water continued to rise, and I thought I might have to abandon my position… for a while a girl who works at Safavieh kept me company, but when the waters began to recede, she left me.  Finally, I called kevin to rescue me, as AAA wasn’t going to be showing up anytime soon, and it was about 10PM by that time.  I spent the night at the GPs and the next day got the car flatbedded to Sonny’s.
The bad news: engine hydrolocked, crankshaft bent.  the worse news: Chubb wrote the car off.
The buyback was $125, so I bought the car as a ‘salvage’ and had sonny get a new engine, which only came to $5700… a bit more than the projection of 2500-3000.  oh well, chubb paid out 6500 for it to start with.
Because it was now a ‘salvage title’ I thoguht I had to go through the antitheft inspection process… which took forever to figure out due to the fact that the salvage dept in albany works Tues-Thurs… and all of the forms are insanely confusing.  After weeks of trying to figure out the system I finally got through to the appropriate person in albany: "you don’t need to pay $200, or wait a month-six weeks, or get the inspection, unless you want to"  YAY!  car!
so the 944 is back in action with a half-rebuilt engine from someone elses’ car.  And it only took 2 trips to the DMV, and 2 hours waiting to get a replacement front license plate to replace the one that fell off in the flood.

the air defense

Crank up the Thunderbolt 1000’s and take command of the SA-1 batteries around Moscow.  quick!  you have only 45 seconds to be battle ready (according to ex-PVO officer Dmitry).  Otherwise, I hope you’re flexible… so you can kiss your ass goodbye



yes, thunderbolt 1000 is american, SA-1 is russian (soviet).  but the US never really had a credible ABM system.

Talking about NYC mulls horse carriages ban – Life-

  NYC mulls horse carriages ban – Life-


Oh please oh please!  please ban horses in Central Park!

There’s nothing quite as terrible as starting a race wearing Carnelian or blue and finishing it wearing brown.  and having to thoroughly clean the bike.  It’s also not so much fun for those of us with horse allergies.  So in the interests of the bikers, runners, allergic people, and the horses which dont look too happy when it’s:


sorry Cmdr, Keen

When I saw the SMK force feedback touchscreen in early 2006, i hailed it as one of the best innovations of the year (along with loctite in a stick).  And LG put it into the Voyager… i.e. the iphone killer:
I haven’t had a chance to play with one, and you can’t say I’m unbiased because I’m not a pod-person, and am a verizon customer, but FORCE FEEDBACK TOUCHSCREEN! how cool is that!  and a real keyboard clinches the deal for me.
I’ll have to see how it does in the store before trading in the rather unimpressive but still powerful enough to get calls from the boss in the middle of the desert Motorola E815 when my contract is up.
Sorry Dan, you’ve been outdone.  But the Iphone is awesome, it was the first, it is still sleeker and sexier, it has wifi, and if you’re a pod person, it might be the thing to have.