Highlander tour: the most grueling 100k of my life

Well, Mollitor and I were looking for some biking fun, so on Mark Sorrel’s advice, we went to do the Midlander Tour in Canandaigua NY.  100km with 6000ft of ascent should be enough – and we were rather late in getting there (we arrived about 10am, roll out was at 7).  The weather was overcast, and occasionally lightly raining, but the temperature was good, right where I needed my jacket for the descents, and would cook on the ascents while wearing it.
6000ft of climbing is quite a bit- and it was steep.  one hill was 23%, and I would rate it HC (hors categorie, hardest possible class of hills).  I had to pull myself down to get enough torque to climb it with the 40t elliptical /27t gears.
All in all it was a good day, although mollitor and I didn’t run into anyone until about 5mi from the finish.
If you want a challenge in the finger lakes, try this one out.  just bring a triple, compact, or a 32t mtb cassette!

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