sounds like a Swan story to me

Friday, I stopped by Carl Hart cycles to pick up some stuff, and asked about racing for the weekend.  the mechanic told me there was a race that night at Suffolk Community College in Riverhead, not too far from Pete’s place in Sag Harbor.  So I cleaned and lubed my chain, bought a pair of cycling gloves (half price! cheap insurance) put on my venerable Cornell kit and drove up to the college.
the course was pretty flat, fully closed, and with no turns-a big circle basically.  About 20 guys ranging from a high school junior to the father of a guy on the Cornell team saddled up for the B race, and we were off.  I didn’t have a computer, nor the Speed Weaponry, but 4000mi of training is a pretty good thing to have in the arsenal, so I was feeling pretty good about this.
The race started fairly easily, i just keep in 3rd or 4th wheel, taking a few pulls when necessary, but people weren’t working efficiently.  I tried covering break attempts, and launched a few myself, but no one would go with me, and they all failed.  On the Prime lap, the high schooler and a few others broke away to score the prime-  i couldn’t cover them.  they were reabsorbed into the pack soon after.  when the A breakaway passed, a guy in a yellow jersey rode their draft to a lead of about 30s, and the high school guy and another guy bridged up.  I was able to bridge up to them, and started instructing them in how to race effectively: 15s at the front, pull off to the left.  After they got the hang of pacelining, I fell off the back of the train, and couldn’t catch back on.  I held them to about 20s for a long while but eventually they pulled further ahead than that.
So I’m stuck out in no-man’s-land, time-trialing for all I’m worth–and about 9mi to go.  I was able to keep the power on for 9 miles, which is very impressive, fending off the pack, and barely kept an ex-Colgate rider away for 4th place.  Had I been more tactical, I probably could have won it, but 4th on a super TT isn’t bad.
Needless to say, I didn’t hang on the A’s in sag harbor too long saturday morning.  But I did well riding with Flint up at Dartmouth on sunday-over 3 wicked climbs (with a 25t cassette on instead of my usual 27t for hills)
I think i’m pretty ready for Bear mtn this sunday, we’ll see what happens!

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