I been through the desert on a bike with no name (I)

Greetings from Utah!
We crossed the state line this morning, putting Colorful Colorado (see the state line signs) behind us.  We’re in high desert now, about 4000ft above sea level.  this stark landscape is in its own way beautiful, but during the heat of the day it can be pretty warm–i’m not particularly looking forward to the Nevada desert where the air temperatures can get up over 110F.  To beat the heat we’ve been getting up at 4AM, not fun but good for you.
One thing I am looking forward to is spending my ‘birthday’ in Park City–we have a day off on the 31st.  My real birthday (aug 1) will be spent between park city and somewhere west, but that will just be an 80 mile party!!
In other news: the powertap continues to be a useful investment, i put down 730W in the state line sprint (no challengers), which is over a 100W improvement over my peak at the beginning of the trip.  I wonder what I’ll be able to put down with fresh legs…

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