The Cross-Country Guerilla Theater Trip

On this July 3, I would like to take the opportunity to chastise the US for not living up to the promise or the hype.  As we say in the bike and build presentation, 30% of americans spend more than 30% of their income on housing (which is often substandard for these poorest people in the land).  Something must be done – and we’re the people to do it.

I’ve been researching some political action content for our presentations.  saying "30% of americans spend over 30% of their income on housing, which forces them to scrimp on other necessities such as nutritious food and healthcare…" isn’t enough.  We’re biking across the US as an act of political theater, and I feel we have an obligation to really do something about reducing poverty.  telling people that there are poor people is like telling people that they’re breathing air. As Albert Bandura, the most famous and influential living psychologist says, you have to tell people what to do to effect change.  His subtle methods take a little longer than we have here on B&B…  So I want to tell people what to do to help end poverty.  I haven’t found any current antipoverty legislation, and telling people how to vote is apparrently taboo to most of the other B&B folks: "bike and build is not a political organization" (Roshan) "bike and build is by nature a political organization, we’re on a 4000 mile guerilla theater trip here-we’re supposed to dramatize the issues" (DM).  but maybe I can get some things together like "support local businesses" and "contribute to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Rebuilding Together, and the Ford Foundation"

Bottom line here folks, I’m becoming like my dad was back in the day.  The ’60s radicals failed (and are now retired stockbrokers) and I don’t have much hope for our generation, but I have to try.  They had the luxury of being able to fail, and I honestly don’t think we do.  If our generation (the 20-somethings) don’t roll back global warming we really will be staring global catastrophe in the eye.

I still believe in the promise of America, and though my faith in democracy never was great, riding with an awesome 32 person group out to change the world is making me more optimistic.  B&B’s 1 million dollar donation is serious money, and if we motivate the people we see on our route to support local businesses, contribute their time and money to antipoverty organizations, gains will be made.


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