I am reminded of the James Blunt song You’re Beautiful (video below)’
Yesterday I was on the subway with the boss going to the Population Council, and on the other side of the Tokyo packed subway car was a really cute girl.  Most people wouldn’t consider her to be range topping, but she caught my eye for some reason.  Was it the short blonde hair?  the puma running jacket?  the well-worn Tony Apuzzo style messenger bag?
REGARDLESS, ‘no shot’ as cousin Pete would say.  But for some reason she was stuck in my mind all day.  interesting how these things happen.
As for the concept of orbits, sometimes you cross paths once, sometimes twice, and sometimes you enter the same orbit.  Sounds a little like Donny Darko stuff, but I like the concept.  Now if I could only get some thrusters to make it possible to change orbits…

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