Coffee Shop doesn’t disappoint

Wednesday night I finally had the chance to go to Coffee Shop for dinner.  I was not disappointed.  The food was decent, but the -decor- was exemplary.  This is where aspiring models go to wait tables while waiting for their big break.  The other waitress was range-topping hot, although she probably could have used my steak sandwich and fries…
bottom line: go to coffee shop, just don’t bring a date!  the downstairs lounge is also quite sleek.  check that out too.
and now for a discussion of cultural conditioning and Freud
I will honestly say that I do find skinny (but not real anorexic concentration-camp-victim emaciated) attractive.  You can chalk this up to cultural conditioning–the media glorifies skinny women: "you can never be too rich or too thin"–Wallace Simpson (alleged).  It’s not a good thing–the models in the magazines aren’t even as thin as they appear on paper (I met one of the photoshoppers, it’s true man!).  Too many people get into anorexia, trying to meet an impossible standard–and get caught up in the control game (a topic for another [long] discussion).  Healthy is where it’s at.
Above all I’m into healthy.  Healthy is not emaciated, but that said, my preference runs towards the leaner end of the spectrum.  In a way that’s adaptive, but there are plenty of women who are very strong and healthy–a prime example would be the Cornell swim team who would saunter into Teagle after the Tri class, and who for the most part were much stronger than I, and looked the part. 
For a Freudian interpretation, my mother is a skinny type (and a pretty good runner, especially considering that she only took up the sport at age 50).  Taking that logic further, a potential mate for me has a high bar to make, given that my mother is a pretty smart cookie too.
Any takers for the challenge? (hint hint)

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