The only sure thing II

Yesterday, 8 April 2007, my good friend Tony lost his battle with liver cancer.  More specifically, he lost the battle to a systemic infection, caused by surgery to try to figure out a way to defeat his liver cancer.  Regardless, he put up a good fight, lasting over a year.  He died peacefully, but having seen him last week, the going was pretty tough the last few days.  When I saw him he looked like a death-camp victim with the yellow Ben Johnson eyes.  He was too weak to even eat the Black and White cookie I sent him as a birthday present–but he did get the symbolism of it (it’s a reference to a Seinfeld episode).
I met Tony on the WR trip before I started at Cornell proper, with Ian, we comprised the 3 amigos-and the three of us lived together sophomore and junior years.  We shared good times and bad, Tony was always there for me when I needed him, and I can only hope I was there for him in his times of need.
Some sweet memories:
Tony and Ian camping out on the rock during WR
the three of us camping out on the beach at Camp Barton at the end of the WR trips
Crew tryouts (he made it)
Getting me to join AIM
blasting a hole in the wall in the triple, the spackling job is my legacy in Dickson
turning me on to U2 and The Boss (Springstein)
camping out on the rock in the gorge, above bebe lake
the smallest bonfire ever
movie night in the triple
bouncing lacrosse balls floor to ceiling
Watching Magnolia at his house, driving around like a real buffalonian in the Land Crusher
ski trip to stratton, >-40 windchill at the summit
chirping the tires on Tony’s Volvo P1800
NY Auto show: bowing down before the 917/30, and watching an 8 year old jump into it and punch the starter
John’s pizza-times sq.
getting to the front of the line at the Dickson bbq-tony’s punishment for the drinking in the triple debacle
swimming in the gorge on slope day 2001-watching all the drunken people
finding and fixing up the band-aid building
getting Ames drunk and sending Ian to grand course exchange very happy
a lot of good bbq
2 girlfriends named Jess: "no, the good one, not the undesireable one"
playing ‘squash’ with a baseball bat in the hall, you had to be there
a 7 on CS100 prelim: "i put my head down for a second and fell asleep for 45 minutes!!"
cheering me up when the shit went down with Jen
camping out for hockey tickets- twice.
getting thrown out at the harvard game, and being well shielded from the policeman
the greatest wegmans run ever: $454.11 (including a $50 toaster, still in use)
blasting through the snow berm in the greek peek parking lot
getting me into road biking- ames rebuilding his Peugeot
electrical work on the 325
Aol CD baseball (i’m sure there are plenty of shards still there behind 114 highland)
icing the porch so people would slip when taking the shortcut– and hearing someone actually slip (evil I know, but hilarious anyway)
Really really good breakfast slope day 2004
Finding the hidden track on U2’s Best of 1980-1990 CD, which Tony gave to me.
Life is unpredictable. Eat dessert first. —T.A.

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