“we was robbed”–Andrew Jackson

Burglarized to be exact–not once, but twice!
Last wednesday I came home from work to find everything everywhere at the house–it had been completely ransacked.  a burglar/burglars broke in through the rear window and turned everything upside down in their search for loot.  Fortunately they didn’t find that much.  So I had the window replaced, spent the day with uncle El cleaning the place up, and figured it over with.  Over the weekend I went upstate with dad to Chris Webber’s memorial service, and dropped by the house at 830 monday morning to grab some food for lunch.  And the house had been ransacked again.  This time they stole more stuff-looked in more hiding places and did some more damage to the window frame.  Not funny.
SO the place is now fitted with an alarm, and if these punks come back, they’re not going to leave happy this time!

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