Ejector seat? You’re joking …


Coffee Shop doesn’t disappoint

Wednesday night I finally had the chance to go to Coffee Shop for dinner.  I was not disappointed.  The food was decent, but the -decor- was exemplary.  This is where aspiring models go to wait tables while waiting for their big break.  The other waitress was range-topping hot, although she probably could have used my steak sandwich and fries…
bottom line: go to coffee shop, just don’t bring a date!  the downstairs lounge is also quite sleek.  check that out too.
and now for a discussion of cultural conditioning and Freud
I will honestly say that I do find skinny (but not real anorexic concentration-camp-victim emaciated) attractive.  You can chalk this up to cultural conditioning–the media glorifies skinny women: "you can never be too rich or too thin"–Wallace Simpson (alleged).  It’s not a good thing–the models in the magazines aren’t even as thin as they appear on paper (I met one of the photoshoppers, it’s true man!).  Too many people get into anorexia, trying to meet an impossible standard–and get caught up in the control game (a topic for another [long] discussion).  Healthy is where it’s at.
Above all I’m into healthy.  Healthy is not emaciated, but that said, my preference runs towards the leaner end of the spectrum.  In a way that’s adaptive, but there are plenty of women who are very strong and healthy–a prime example would be the Cornell swim team who would saunter into Teagle after the Tri class, and who for the most part were much stronger than I, and looked the part. 
For a Freudian interpretation, my mother is a skinny type (and a pretty good runner, especially considering that she only took up the sport at age 50).  Taking that logic further, a potential mate for me has a high bar to make, given that my mother is a pretty smart cookie too.
Any takers for the challenge? (hint hint)

Talking about Russia building floating nuke power plant – Europe – MSNBC.com

 "This isn’t going to be good for anyone"– Seinfeld

Russia building floating nuke power plant – Europe – MSNBC.com

This has the possibility to be at best a moderately good idea, but also could go terribly wrong.  This type of reactor can’t have a graphite explosion like Chernobyl, but could still release a large amount of radioactivity if the containment is breached.  Because there is no secondary containment structure, it is vulnerable to attack or accident, and because it can be moored in a populated area, the danger could be much greater.

In any case, the reactor has to be disposed of in some way at the end of its life–which is still not a good thing given the fuel will remain radioactive for many thousands of years.

so, hope one of these won’t come to your waterfront anytime soon!

The only sure thing II

Yesterday, 8 April 2007, my good friend Tony lost his battle with liver cancer.  More specifically, he lost the battle to a systemic infection, caused by surgery to try to figure out a way to defeat his liver cancer.  Regardless, he put up a good fight, lasting over a year.  He died peacefully, but having seen him last week, the going was pretty tough the last few days.  When I saw him he looked like a death-camp victim with the yellow Ben Johnson eyes.  He was too weak to even eat the Black and White cookie I sent him as a birthday present–but he did get the symbolism of it (it’s a reference to a Seinfeld episode).
I met Tony on the WR trip before I started at Cornell proper, with Ian, we comprised the 3 amigos-and the three of us lived together sophomore and junior years.  We shared good times and bad, Tony was always there for me when I needed him, and I can only hope I was there for him in his times of need.
Some sweet memories:
Tony and Ian camping out on the rock during WR
the three of us camping out on the beach at Camp Barton at the end of the WR trips
Crew tryouts (he made it)
Getting me to join AIM
blasting a hole in the wall in the triple, the spackling job is my legacy in Dickson
turning me on to U2 and The Boss (Springstein)
camping out on the rock in the gorge, above bebe lake
the smallest bonfire ever
movie night in the triple
bouncing lacrosse balls floor to ceiling
Watching Magnolia at his house, driving around like a real buffalonian in the Land Crusher
ski trip to stratton, >-40 windchill at the summit
chirping the tires on Tony’s Volvo P1800
NY Auto show: bowing down before the 917/30, and watching an 8 year old jump into it and punch the starter
John’s pizza-times sq.
getting to the front of the line at the Dickson bbq-tony’s punishment for the drinking in the triple debacle
swimming in the gorge on slope day 2001-watching all the drunken people
finding and fixing up the band-aid building
getting Ames drunk and sending Ian to grand course exchange very happy
a lot of good bbq
2 girlfriends named Jess: "no, the good one, not the undesireable one"
playing ‘squash’ with a baseball bat in the hall, you had to be there
a 7 on CS100 prelim: "i put my head down for a second and fell asleep for 45 minutes!!"
cheering me up when the shit went down with Jen
camping out for hockey tickets- twice.
getting thrown out at the harvard game, and being well shielded from the policeman
the greatest wegmans run ever: $454.11 (including a $50 toaster, still in use)
blasting through the snow berm in the greek peek parking lot
getting me into road biking- ames rebuilding his Peugeot
electrical work on the 325
Aol CD baseball (i’m sure there are plenty of shards still there behind 114 highland)
icing the porch so people would slip when taking the shortcut– and hearing someone actually slip (evil I know, but hilarious anyway)
Really really good breakfast slope day 2004
Finding the hidden track on U2’s Best of 1980-1990 CD, which Tony gave to me.
Life is unpredictable. Eat dessert first. —T.A.

“we was robbed”–Andrew Jackson

Burglarized to be exact–not once, but twice!
Last wednesday I came home from work to find everything everywhere at the house–it had been completely ransacked.  a burglar/burglars broke in through the rear window and turned everything upside down in their search for loot.  Fortunately they didn’t find that much.  So I had the window replaced, spent the day with uncle El cleaning the place up, and figured it over with.  Over the weekend I went upstate with dad to Chris Webber’s memorial service, and dropped by the house at 830 monday morning to grab some food for lunch.  And the house had been ransacked again.  This time they stole more stuff-looked in more hiding places and did some more damage to the window frame.  Not funny.
SO the place is now fitted with an alarm, and if these punks come back, they’re not going to leave happy this time!

“your attention please … your attention please … there has been an accident”

Name the movie, win a prize!!
A toyota tundra pickup came into my lane and ripped off my mirror and damaged the front fender.  $2500 in damage (see pictures).  Normally one would consider a car accident to be a bad thing, but I have to say that it wasnt by far the worst thing to happen to me of late–if you read the previous post, the day before I found out about the death of my friend Chris Webber.  I would gladly have written off the car for just a few minutes to say how much I respected him.

The only sure thing

Newsday,  4 march 2007:
At 3:55 a.m., a 25-year-old man was crossing Delancey Street near the Williamsburg Bridge in Manhattan when he was struck by a 1997 Ford van operated by a 38-year-old man traveling with the light, police said.

The pedestrian, who was not identified, was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The driver, who also was not identified, was issued two summonses unrelated to the death, police said.

That unidentified 25 year old man was my good friend Chris Webber, former head of Bike and Build, and all around good guy.  I wasn’t there, I didn’t see it, I was in Vermont, it’s over and there’s nothing I could have done or can do about it.  The only sure thing in life is death.
==== updated 4/3/2007 ====
Having been to Boston then Vassar for Chris’ memorial services and such, I’ve had time to think about it.  I suppose the lesson to take away is to be happier in life.  The last time I saw chris, we went out to this bar/pizza place in brooklyn near bike and build, and he told me his parents had scheduled a "teleconference" with him to discuss future plans.  He was enjoying the NY scene and all that, not really worried so much about the long term plan, and then bam, hit by a truck.  He was a good guy- he wasn’t perfect or unconflicted or anything like that-he was just normal like everyone else.  maybe a bit better- certainly a cooler guy than me, really a nice guy-the kind of guy who would bend over backward for a friend… the last time I talked to him he hooked me up with the last slot on the trip I wanted to be on for Bike and Build.  so in a way I am doing it for Bill and Joanie (his parents) and Nick (his brother).  I wasn’t his closest friend by any stretch of the imagination, but we had known each other since middle school, and that counts for something.
The take away lesson is to live life while you’re living it, because eventually you won’t be.