Chocolate in the cereal … Brilliant!

About two weeks ago, I saw a commercial for Kellogg’s Special-K Chocolatey Delight.  and then I saw an ad for Life Chocolate Oat Crunch.  Now, I’ve been putting chocolate in my cereal for years.  I love cereal, I love chocolate, the combination is the breakfast of champions.  So I was pretty enthused to find that Kelloggs finally caught on-although the name "Special-K Chocolatey Delight" doesn’t really sell me… And the chocolate bits are a little chalky.  But hey it’s a start.  I haven’t tried the Life offering yet, but personally I’ll continue to eat my blend of Kashi Nuggets (better than grape-nuts), Total with strawberries, dried fruit, and some high-quality chocolate, like Ghirardelli 60% thrown in for that real kick.
Back in DEA 111, we had to reinvent cereal… and I came up with the Cereal Machine: go to the store, pick out what you want (i.e. flakes, cranberries, chocolate), it puts it in a bag and you get your own personalized breakfast.  But until those are realized, I’ll just have to do the mixing in my own kitchen!
I tried the Life Chocolate Oat Crunch, and it’s rather disappointing as well.  The Life squares are way too sweet (a cracked-open one had a crystal of sugar inside…) and the oat clusters are only slightly sprayed chocolate.  if you want your morning fix, go buy a bag of chocolate chips.

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