in the GDR, be mindful of your audience

Das Leben der Anderen (the lives of others) is an amazing movie.  It is a sure cure for Ostalgie–watch Goodbye Lenin for a good example of that.  I went to try to see The Lives of Others on saturday (it opened on friday) and it was sold out all night, for good reason: it’s that good.  I was able to see it yesterday, and you really should make the effort to see it.
Background: in the DDR (East Germany) the Stasi watches everyone’s every move–especially ‘creative’ people, or those with potentially subversive influence.  Their stated official goal: “to know everything”.  Even the KGB envied them.
I won’t give away the plot here- but suffice to say that the movie centers around the bugging of playwright Georg Dreymann’s apartment, and the man who is listening from the attic–who isn’t as bad a man as he probably should be, given his line of work.

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