Poshest gas station in LA

IDSA (Industrial Design Society of America) sent me this in the latest issue of DesignBytes:
Yeah, But Do You Think Their Restroom is Clean?: From the "Only in LA" file comes the story of an amazing renovation. What had once been a decaying, dingy, low-rent gas station (and more recently a white-tented behemoth) was recently unveiled in its new form: a slick, brand new, stunningly designed…gas station. But not just any gas station—with its slick metallic surfaces and geometric angles, this is the gas station of the future. Imagine what they’ll charge for cigarettes and gum! See for yourself at http://www.laist.com/archives/2007/02/23/the_poshest_gas_station_in_los_angeles.php.
It’s cool, but I still think Tankstelle Deitingen Sud (by Heinz Isler) is better.
for other cool places to get your petrol, check out this link: http://www.fh-augsburg.de/~bauer/tankstellen/tankstellen.html

Chocolate in the cereal … Brilliant!

About two weeks ago, I saw a commercial for Kellogg’s Special-K Chocolatey Delight.  and then I saw an ad for Life Chocolate Oat Crunch.  Now, I’ve been putting chocolate in my cereal for years.  I love cereal, I love chocolate, the combination is the breakfast of champions.  So I was pretty enthused to find that Kelloggs finally caught on-although the name "Special-K Chocolatey Delight" doesn’t really sell me… And the chocolate bits are a little chalky.  But hey it’s a start.  I haven’t tried the Life offering yet, but personally I’ll continue to eat my blend of Kashi Nuggets (better than grape-nuts), Total with strawberries, dried fruit, and some high-quality chocolate, like Ghirardelli 60% thrown in for that real kick.
Back in DEA 111, we had to reinvent cereal… and I came up with the Cereal Machine: go to the store, pick out what you want (i.e. flakes, cranberries, chocolate), it puts it in a bag and you get your own personalized breakfast.  But until those are realized, I’ll just have to do the mixing in my own kitchen!
I tried the Life Chocolate Oat Crunch, and it’s rather disappointing as well.  The Life squares are way too sweet (a cracked-open one had a crystal of sugar inside…) and the oat clusters are only slightly sprayed chocolate.  if you want your morning fix, go buy a bag of chocolate chips.

in the GDR, be mindful of your audience

Das Leben der Anderen (the lives of others) is an amazing movie.  It is a sure cure for Ostalgie–watch Goodbye Lenin for a good example of that.  I went to try to see The Lives of Others on saturday (it opened on friday) and it was sold out all night, for good reason: it’s that good.  I was able to see it yesterday, and you really should make the effort to see it.
Background: in the DDR (East Germany) the Stasi watches everyone’s every move–especially ‘creative’ people, or those with potentially subversive influence.  Their stated official goal: “to know everything”.  Even the KGB envied them.
I won’t give away the plot here- but suffice to say that the movie centers around the bugging of playwright Georg Dreymann’s apartment, and the man who is listening from the attic–who isn’t as bad a man as he probably should be, given his line of work.