new year, new you

Hi everyone, hope you all enjoyed your new years festivities!  I did the Emerald Nuts Midnight run.  and did it fast: 4mi/ 25:21, I got stuck in traffic at the start but once I got in the clear, it was smooth sailing.  I managed to fend off the jester (guy with the jester hat) through mile 4 which was torture… but 4x 6:30(-) miles makes me happy, especially at this stage in the training.  I have a ways to go until march race time, but i can feel the ruggedness motivation coming back!
Now for my resolution: (the envelope please) be more positive.  Kevin Seaman taught me about the benefits of positive thinking, and Mike Trevino‘s secret is to live a "dissonance free life"–and its time to make their weapon mine.  And after much philosophical musing, I have come to the realization that the goal of life is happiness.  Not in a hedonistic sense, but in a "happy is better than unhappy" sense.  Make of that what you will, but I will endeavour to be a happier man in 2007.  I thank you in advance for your assistance.

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