State of the Union 2007

Not pleased with GWB’s plans.  Detailed analysis to come.

Sweden: fossil fuel free by 2020!



NBC: Sweden goes green – Europe –

Man, I liked Sweden when I was there in 2003.  I still owe the mayor (and the police) of that little town for retrieving my backpack from town hall when it got locked in.  But this is over the top!  A country has pledged to be practically carbon neutral by 2020 – and although they have made plans to decommission all nuclear power plants, this is occurring at a slow pace and may not be complete until 2050.

So energy in sweden post 2020 will be (with the exception of nuclear power) all current solar income.  Biomass already makes up a large part of their energy supply, and although not ideal, it’s certainly better than using ‘past solar income’ (coal, oil, peat, natural gas).

So who’s after Iceland and Sweden?  the U.S.


-and what does this mean for Volvo and Saab? (and Saab aircraft – will they run on ethanol?)

new year, new you

Hi everyone, hope you all enjoyed your new years festivities!  I did the Emerald Nuts Midnight run.  and did it fast: 4mi/ 25:21, I got stuck in traffic at the start but once I got in the clear, it was smooth sailing.  I managed to fend off the jester (guy with the jester hat) through mile 4 which was torture… but 4x 6:30(-) miles makes me happy, especially at this stage in the training.  I have a ways to go until march race time, but i can feel the ruggedness motivation coming back!
Now for my resolution: (the envelope please) be more positive.  Kevin Seaman taught me about the benefits of positive thinking, and Mike Trevino‘s secret is to live a "dissonance free life"–and its time to make their weapon mine.  And after much philosophical musing, I have come to the realization that the goal of life is happiness.  Not in a hedonistic sense, but in a "happy is better than unhappy" sense.  Make of that what you will, but I will endeavour to be a happier man in 2007.  I thank you in advance for your assistance.