how one gets brainwashed

No not me!  (see previous post for an explanation of what’s going on here)
So my friend was lonely and started hanging out with some rather devout people in that rather obsessive foreign country.  And she started accompanying them to church and then she relaxed her guard and "let god speak to me".  At this point she should have put her finely honed analytical skills to work and realized that if you look for things hard enough,  they will appear (in statistics they call this fishing).  Normally if you think you hear the voice of god, you would attribute it to your mind playing tricks on you, or in rare cases schizophrenia.  Both of those are much more likely than god actually talking to you, even if you believe there is one.
And once she started hearing the voice of god tell her to ‘enlighten’ me (yes, me Dave Miller, mister rational himself) it was all over.
How am I going to get my friend back?  I had a good conversation with Maurice the Guru (unrelated to Guru Bikes), who said "let her have her happiness.  it’s like placebo effect- if it makes you happy does it matter how it works?"  and that would rule out bubble bursting (or attempts at it).  I could unleash this–a clear debunking of all the junk Strobel wrote in his book The Case For Faith, which my friend recommended I read.  Every argument Strobel makes is illogical, and half are circular reasoning!  I will spare you the details, follow the link to read more about that.
What is a man to do when the soul (defined by me to be the ‘firmware of the brain’) of a good friend is corrupted by a combination of duress, faith, and false logic?

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