Martin-Baker tie or ?

Last night I had a rough experience.  I went to this cyclist party and much to my pleasant surprise, rather than being a bunch of hypercompetitive CRCA racers (the stockbroker crowd), it was 3 girls and a cool guy.  One girl was cool, columbia grad student, but too tall (damn).  the other single one was ridiculously cute, photographer… so I went after her and was definitely getting Positive Signs (to use the Peter Star terminology).  Until I asked "what do you do besides take pictures and bike…"  "I hang out, drink, occasionally do drugs, hang out a lot…"  at this point it’s time to pull the metaphorical yellow handle … or at least break off the attack (and I had made it past the air defense and her friend and roomate were even being helpful). 
This is why we establish the mission rules when we’re thinking straight–no second guessing -well she is cute and available and giving positive signs-.  Mission is over with the red card (shoutout to Matty).  No arguing with the ref, hit the showers.
Now I have to admit I was doing some rationalizing today during my car repairing [see below].  I mean some people I have great respect for have admitted to drug use in the past (now they are respectable middle aged citizens).  so:
1.  people change -but you can’t enter a relationship trying to pull an Updike "to desire a woman is to desire to save her."  not wise course of action
2.  can’t write someone off completely so easily… i mean a bike buddy or casual friendhas different requirements than a potential GF
I should be flattered and emboldened by the fact that she was giving positive signs.  I mean lately the PvO has been getting the better of me-especially with the Ukranian from a few weeks ago.  damn she was really great on all aspects except for the shootdown.  But i’m more interested in success (at least a 2nd date, come on people!) than the hunt, which is rather nerve racking.  Like flying a Thud (F-105) to Hanoi…
As for the car repairs mentioned above, the passenger side storage bin on the Porsche filled with water due to leaks around the taillight cluster.  Damage: pack of bulbs, can of fix-a-flat, jumper cables, 2 flashlights, some other miscellaneous stuff.  I’ll have to bite the bullet and buy the factory seal strip and do this right, and drive the deathmobile until I get that fixed–too much of a pain to put the lights back together just to take apart again in a few days.

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