Tubeless clinchers? Tubular Clinchers?

Hutchinson has created the tubeless clincher bicycle tire.  it works like a car tire.
Now it seems to me to be a pretty bad idea.  if you get a puncture, you’re screwed–you can’t replace the tube inside, and can’t seal it with fix-a-flat like a tubular.  And it looks like the beads will be pretty hard to force over the rim because they have to hold pressure (aparrently Kevlar wasn’t strong enough for this application).
Tufo has thrown their hat into the ring with the Tubular-Clincher.  Even if the ride quality is more like a tubular, and has better run-flat properties, it still seems like it has all the bad parts of a clincher, without the benefit of being able to replace the tube and keep riding.  So those get the thumbs down as well
I think i’ll stick with the regular clinchers, and maybe get some full-shot tubulars someday when I get rich and/or fast.  with the Tufo double-stick tape, tubulars aren’t as much of a hassle, and the weight savings (at the rim!) is substantial, compared to clinchers.  Until then, the flash-points and Michelin Pro2Race/Vittoria Open Corsa CX clinchers will be the race gear.

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