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There’s a war on, and it’s for the hearts and minds of the nation.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty well along for the jesus people–there really isn’t any counter-attack from the center-left.  Athiesm/agnosticism still has a bad rep in America, which is too bad.  We’re stuck with the creeping erosion of the separation of church and state-it’s on our money, that inane pledge to the flag, chaplains in the army… all minor annoyances until you think of what the consequences are for science.  Science is predicated upon a search for the truth.  You make a conjecture, if the evidence supports it, you have a theory.  There is no faith there.  Faith is the belief in something, in the absence of evidence (or the presence of countervailing evidence).  There is no evidence for the existence of a god or gods, therefore there probably isn’t one.  The argument "he doesn’t wish to be found" is bunk–frame your conjecture in a falsifiable way and then talk to me,
So back to the issue of the jesus people taking over the US (and the islamists taking over the mideast-and trying to take down the west).  The way to combat them is with science.  Not unlocking the atom to make bombs, or using chemistry to make weapons, but teaching people the principles of science, and statistics*.  Steal their thunder: teach the kids to search for truth, not to fall into the traps of faith-tell people straight up that faith works on the same pathways as opiates, and that it’s not real.
* statistics may not be correct in the way we see and use it.  Given that things that are supposed to be random aren’t random (ESP is real, talk to Daryl Bem about it), our understanding of statistics is flawed.  But it’s a good starting point-the theory is fairly sound.

BMW vs. Volvo at 120mi/hr closure

"there would have been no survors"
please drive safely.
I apologize for being awol with regards to the blog for almost 2 months.  Things have been busy, and I’ve just beeen lax about posting things.  It’s not that things haven’t happened, I just haven’t been dilligent about posting.