Why the T-34 is the best tank of all time

The soviet T-34 wasn’t nearly as elegant as the German panzers it engaged, but it had what really counted: good basic design and there were lots of them–in Stalingrad, they rolled out of the factory and started blasting away at the Nazis a few minutes later.
The T34 had some great things going for it-most notably sloped armor.  If you remember your trig, by sloping the armor, the effective thickness is greatly increased.  a T-34 could take a lot of damage, especially from the earlier german tank guns.  The T-34 also had a rather uncomplicated drivetrain which could be serviced in the field (as opposed to the panzers) and once they sorted out the gearbox problems, they were pretty much unstoppable.
Why am I talking about this?  in life things come along that knock you back, but if you have thick enough ‘armor’ and can keep rolling along, you’ll eventually make it through.  As they say, "when going through hell, keep going"

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