Talking about Is there a human right to be superhuman? – Health Care –



Is there a human right to be superhuman? – Health Care –

This is a really interesting one, not just because it came up on Wikipedia and MSNBC at the same time.  This makes me wonder about what the future will hold from the legislative end–biology and technology will continue to evolve, and us with it.  so here are some of my predictions:

  1. with the rapid changes in the biosphere, technologies or evolutionary adaptations will allow some to survive while others die.  For example, people with a natural resistance to cancer will better survive exposure to carcinogens released by human activity.  that’s evolution in action and you’re part of it whether you like it or not.  Broadly defined, technology already makes some people more ‘fit’ than others–having a pencil and yellow pad makes me better able to remember things than most unassisted people. (a simplistic example I know).
  2. We’re already cheating nature-I had braces, now everyone who doesn’t know better thinks I have good genes.  I wish I had been given HgH and was taller (thus allowing me to attract a better mate and move up the genetic ladder).  So what is too much?  It’s going to be a slippery slope to the next stage of evolution, which will be technological, and fast
  3. now for the scary part:  the definition of normal may–and will–change.  as it stands now, you get into Cornell by being smart.  that’s biological, thank your parents and grandparents.  What happens when a technology comes along that makes people smarter?  would you take smarties if they were FDA approved safe and effective?  what if they were required?? this is the opposite of the Harrison Bergeron case

When I lived with Jimmy P senior year, we’d talk about this kind of stuff–the daily random questions.  how would you answer these?

  • would you date a mutant (X-men style)?
  • would you date a cyborg?
  • would you date an extraterrestrial (a good one)?
  • would you date an android (adequately functional in human ways, up to your interpretation)

I say i’d do all three, if she met the criteria applied to humans 😉

but I wouldn’t chop my arm off so fast, even if it meant stepping up to the next level of humanity.  I would have gladly taken HgH, and I suffered through braces, but I wouldn’t do EPO or adderol (insert snyde comment about my add here).


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