streak shooting

one of the professors i had for social psych, prof. Gilovich, is into basketball.  he did an analysis about streak shooting, and showed it was mostly an illusion (at least as far as free throws are concerned).  Fortunately for me, life is not like basketball:

(1) unleashed the speed weaponry on the tuesday night race, and won the climb up snyder hill.
      beat twinkie boy (in the Twinkie the Kid jersey no less) and the other guys

(2) dinner with Carina
      All was so right about this being not the semester to leave ithaca.  when I was in ithaca last time i went out riding and met up with this girl who turned out to be in the tri class.  so on visit 2, i lined up dinner after the tuesday night race.  so meet at 8 at the corner of dryden and college… at 8PM, there she was.  "what do you want for dinner"  "sushi… plum tree"   holy shit, this girl’s awesome!  at the restaurant "I love unagi, my family used to go out for sushi all the time at home"  (just so you know, eel is really good).  so i’ll have to cook some plans up for next week
(3) started my job with US Ergonomics.  first day: field trip to NYC to meet a client… and a tour of the UN (to kill time) and a visit to the herman miller showroom. just so you know, the US is in arrears 350 millon to the general UN budget…

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