IDSA conference, ithaca visit, and other things

After the SAE conference I went to the IDSA conference in syracuse, which was great fun.  I got reamed out in the portfolio critique session-a human factors specialist against real industrial designers.  In my second critique, i met Andy Ogden, head of graduate studies at Art Center (the best design school [undergrad] on the planet).  he told me the most important thing to sell about myself is "that you make good decisions"  so i’ll have to retool the portfolio and pitch a bit… but that’s what time is for.
I stayed with Nick, my friend Chris Webber’s brother… Nick’s roommates are slobs, and live under the football team… definitely had to use the earplugs to drown out the partying upstairs!!
from syracuse to ithaca, rode with the tri class, saw all the fun people (except Sheila) and unleashed the Speed Weaponry on Alex the old guy who bested me last year.
I finally did the brake lines on the porsche, which is now immobile in the driveway with the intake dismantled.  Whoever assembled the manifold, thank you for using anti-sieze!!

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