SAE Conference

Just got back from the 2006 SAE Conference.  lots of guys in suits, nowhere near as fun as the HFES conference.
  1. met the president of BMW.  He’s a nice guy "I wish I could have driven a 740 across canada to get here"
  2. had fun with Vicki and Alberto, ate flaming cheese at a greek restaurant.  Be careful when trying this yourself–only you can prevent eyebrow fires
  3. lots of companies are working on IR vision systems.  no one is working on fully immersive augmented-reality environments (like my paper) yet.

Best in show:

3rd place:  e-turbo (technical paper).  turbochargers don’t work very well at low revs, because there isn’t enough exhaust gas to power the turbine effectively.  adding an electric motor to spin the turbo gives boost down to about 1000 r/min.  downsizing the engine and engine start/stop = substantial fuel savings (and weight savings, always a good thing)

2nd place:  Loctite glue stick … no more blue or red messes!  and they gave me one for free


and the winner is: haptic feedback touch screens.  Tap the touchscreen, and it taps back! perfect for those applications where you want tactile feedback but can’t use a real button.  brilliant!

–And they have a an anti-smudge coating, and a filter that de-polarizes the light, so you can see it with your slick polarized sunglasses on!


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