United States Ergonomics

I am now gainfully employed!  Moving to Long Island in a few weeks to work with United States Ergonomics.  www.us-ergo.com.  It will be an interesting job, doing a lot of different things and learning on the fly.  It will be a three (3) person company, so that should keep me busy.  And the best part is that I don’t have to give up the ghost on the high-zoot places… if an offer comes from IDEO or BMW (etc.) i’m free to go.  win win!

One thought on “United States Ergonomics

  1. Hi Dave,
    Did you work in US-Ergo? How is the work environment and thw working condition in that company? Us-Ergo is gonna hire me and accidently found your blog  then thought to get some views form you.
     see ya

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