Flash-Point Speed Weaponry

Went riding with team UB, and tried out the FP-40’s.  I couldn’t really tell if they were that much faster, but I was really pounding it and going fast on the flats.  I will have to keep using these to break in the tires and get used to them before racing, but so far i like them.  i think there will be a definite advantage in a longer harder race–and there didn’t seem to be a problem with crosswinds.
–just so you know, FP-40’s are Zipp 303 clincher rims with DT aero bladed spokes (instead of Sapim CX-ray) and cheaper hubs (but still good hubs).  considering mpst of the extra weight is at the hub (and it’s only 30g), so save your money and buy flashpoint wheels from Glenn (until you need tubulars)
  The michelin tires seemed a little slipperier than the Vittoria’s i’m used to, but new tires are always a little less sticky.  the jury is still out on those.
in other news tonight, talked to another person at Smart Design–i think there will be a good chance of working on -classified project-  they swore me to secrecy, so don’t ask.

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