summary of the NYC/LI trip

Well, working for Howie is over, and i got paid for my time haulin tires (not much).  But as Howie (the owner of International Tire and Wheel, and my uncle’s best friend) said, it was an eye-opening experience.  Getting paid peanuts for 10h of work a day doesn’t get you too far in life.  The bonus for me is getting more diesel from lifting tires!
In other news, I was able to set up meetings with Smart Design and US Ergonomics, who both tentatively offered me contract jobs.  For Smart i would be working on a project on which they swore me to secrecy (so don’t ask!), and for US Ergo, i would be working on product reviews and some other stuff.  awesome.  I’m still working on the brass rings IDEO and Designworks (BMW), but it will be good to get experience in NYC if the others don’t come through yet.

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