United States Ergonomics

I am now gainfully employed!  Moving to Long Island in a few weeks to work with United States Ergonomics.  www.us-ergo.com.  It will be an interesting job, doing a lot of different things and learning on the fly.  It will be a three (3) person company, so that should keep me busy.  And the best part is that I don’t have to give up the ghost on the high-zoot places… if an offer comes from IDEO or BMW (etc.) i’m free to go.  win win!

Flash-Point Speed Weaponry

Went riding with team UB, and tried out the FP-40’s.  I couldn’t really tell if they were that much faster, but I was really pounding it and going fast on the flats.  I will have to keep using these to break in the tires and get used to them before racing, but so far i like them.  i think there will be a definite advantage in a longer harder race–and there didn’t seem to be a problem with crosswinds.
–just so you know, FP-40’s are Zipp 303 clincher rims with DT aero bladed spokes (instead of Sapim CX-ray) and cheaper hubs (but still good hubs).  considering mpst of the extra weight is at the hub (and it’s only 30g), so save your money and buy flashpoint wheels from Glenn (until you need tubulars)
  The michelin tires seemed a little slipperier than the Vittoria’s i’m used to, but new tires are always a little less sticky.  the jury is still out on those.
in other news tonight, talked to another person at Smart Design–i think there will be a good chance of working on -classified project-  they swore me to secrecy, so don’t ask.

RIP: the inventor of the chicken nugget (and Cornell Prof)

Uncle El sent me this one:

Heralding the Chicken Nugget’s Unsung Creator – Newsweek Society – MSNBC.com

My famliy eats a lot of chicken (being supplanted by tofu now) and it’s due to this man’s tireless work at the ag school.  He deserves a shoutout on the blog, but I maintain tofu’s superiority in terms of embodied energy, versatility, and ease of preparation.

summary of the NYC/LI trip

Well, working for Howie is over, and i got paid for my time haulin tires (not much).  But as Howie (the owner of International Tire and Wheel, and my uncle’s best friend) said, it was an eye-opening experience.  Getting paid peanuts for 10h of work a day doesn’t get you too far in life.  The bonus for me is getting more diesel from lifting tires!
In other news, I was able to set up meetings with Smart Design and US Ergonomics, who both tentatively offered me contract jobs.  For Smart i would be working on a project on which they swore me to secrecy (so don’t ask!), and for US Ergo, i would be working on product reviews and some other stuff.  awesome.  I’m still working on the brass rings IDEO and Designworks (BMW), but it will be good to get experience in NYC if the others don’t come through yet.

Day one at International Tire and Wheel

5.00 get up
5.45 leave house
6.45 arrive at work
6.45-9 load trucks
9-12 unload new merchandise (and store in warehouse)
12-5 pick tires for tomorrow’s shipments
needless to say, International Tire and Wheel moves a lot of tires… which means I moved a lot of tires.
but i’m getting paid, and it’s like spending all day at the gym, except for the getting up at 5am thing it’s not so bad, so far.


Thanks to Dan–
1. Spell your middle name backward:

2. Story behind your first name:
maternal great grandfather, owner of Robinson Knife

3. When’s your birthday?

4. Where do you live?
currently in Buffalo, with the parents.  rent isn’t too bad here.  Contract job in NYC for the next few weeks, should be interesting selling tires for International Tire and Wheel.  You know you want some P-Zero Nero’s

5. Wallet:
black bifold.  simple, and it was on sale (thanks dad).  maybe someday I’ll be able to get a Gaddi wallet… (my neighbor owns a leather goods company that makes premo stuff)

6. Eyes:

7. Toothbrush:
Dr. Modica recommends the electric toothbrush–easier on the gums.  I suppose the battery isn’t particularly environmentally responsible, but the replaceable heads are less plastic than a whole toothbrush.

8. Jewelry worn daily:
I suppose my Seiko Divers 200m counts.  and the one-way rotating bezel is a great HF demonstration
9. Cell phone:
Motorola Timeport.  like the StarTac only silver, and with a ‘color’ LED screen… used to be awesome but starting to die.

10. Pillowcase currently:
plain white

11. Car:
Porsche 944, with M474 sport suspension and BBS wheels.  "The best handling car available at any price" (R&T 1984)

-Es gibt Keinen Erzatz

12. Bedroom:
was originally the MBR of the house, so it’s big (although now the smallest of the three).  waay too much stuff in here, slowly cleaning it up

13. Sunglasses:
Rudy Project Rydon.  coool.
and the photochromic impactX lenses are really awesome

14. Shampoo:
manly shampoo… or neutrogena clear stuff from hotels

15. Cologne and/or perfume:
have some in the medicine cabinet I received as gifts

16. CD in stereo right now:
just bought About A Blonde.  it’s Bryan McGowan’s band.  you should buy the cd.

17. Piercings:
enough holes in my head already!

18. What you are wearing now?
jeans and T-shirt… and sweatshirt (keep the heat down inside, to keep the heat down on the planet!)

19. Wishing:
i wish i wish i wish i were a fish (name the movie, win a prize)

20. Wanting:
to have IDEO hire me

21. What are you doing after this?
sleep, bike race in the morning

22. If you could murder anyone and get away with it, who would it be?
[classified due to security concerns]

23. Person and/or people you wish you could see right now:
There’s a few, but I’ll just name Andre, because it’s been the longest since I’ve seen him.

24. Some of your favorite movies:
Childhood: the obligatory Star Wars (A New Hope)
All time: ?
Most recent: Fog of War (you might learn something)

25. Something you’re looking forward to in the coming week:
going to NYC, seeing Uncle El and Ro-ber-to!

26. Something you just ate:
lackluster italian food from Sinatras

27. Something you are deathly afraid of:

28. Do you like candles?
they have their place for certian effects

29. Do you like incense?
no VOC’s for me!

30. Do you like the taste of blood?
what does it say about me if i kind of do?

31. Do you believe in love?
I believe in the neuro-electrochemical state considered love.  nothing divine about it, but i would like to be in it

32. Do you believe in love at first sight?
there’s no ‘love’ at first sight.  there’s interest at first sight, and if you’re right (hint: read Blink) you could call it love at first sight-if the person isn’t a winner, then they’re just an attractive or interesting person

34. Do you believe in heaven:
no heaven, no hell … existence itself is a hard sell!

35. Do you believe in god:
there is no evidence to make me believe in any ‘god’

36. Do you have a tattoo?
i suppose you could call the graphite in my eyelid a tattoo (got stabbed in the eyelid with a pencil in 4th grade, mark is there for life, look closely)

37. If you could eat something right now what would it be:.
tank 1/1

38. Are you addicted to Myspace?

39. Can you eat with chopsticks?
only barbarians eat with forks

40. What’s your favorite coin:
the old-school MTA tokens with the Y cut out of the center

41. What are some of your favorite candies?
Bel-Nuga (from Switzerland).  chocolate + marzipan + goodness… only 2 left in the secret stash!

42. Favorite Soda:
not a fan of soda or pop

43. What’s something you wish you could understand better?
human nature … or at least women

44. If you could turn back time, what would you change?
if i had the atomic DeLorean, i’d go back to before freshman year and tell myself to get out of my nice warm sleeping bag and splash around in icy cayuga lake, to meet Judith Tucker before Jonas (whoever he was/is).  it could have changed some things.
-Preferrably I would kill Eve the common ancestor, and hope humanity would come out better, but that would create a time paradox and destroy the entire universe!!
45. If given a million dollars what’s one thing you would buy?
a stake in Greenlight (reference to Dan’s answer to this)
46. Can you cook?
what do you want me to make?
47. Do you have a crush on someone:
not at the moment

48. Favorite Flower:
Jade plant (it’s not a flower, but i like them)

49. Do you know what it feels like to be in love:
I’ve fallen for people before, but they haven’t returned the favor-so it’s not really love

50. Would you sacrifice your favorite possession for your best friend:

nothing I could own is worth more than my friend